Bert TestimonialBert joined the gym back in August of 2016. He was working out on his own but wasn’t seeing results or progress, so in November he signed up for training with Justin and has had a great 3 month transformation! Back in November he was weighing 252 lbs and now on Feb 13th weighed in at 228 lbs! He has lost 32 lbs of fat and put on 8lbs of lean mass for a net 24lbs lost and has gone from 24% Body fat down to 14% body fat in 3 months! Great job Bert! Way to be an inspiration!
Rachel TestimonialRachel was inspired by some amazing transformations that she had seen on Instagram and Facebook that had come out of GH&F so she decided to come check us out. She hired our Trainer and Prep Coach Justin for nutrition and training for her first ever NPC show! Over the course of 4 months, she lost over 20 lbs and her body fat percentage went from 19% to 10% for her first bikini show where she placed top 5! Great job Rachel!
Brennon TestimonialBrennon did his bulk on his own but wanted to do a show and needed help with nutrition and proper workouts to get better results so he hopped on the GH&F team and was coached by trainer Justin Rogers. In the process, dropped a little over 20lbs of fat, went from 10% body fat down to low 4% and actually put on muscle and strength while dieting!! We are so proud of all of his hard work and dedication! This was all done in 11 weeks! If you are ready to make a change in your life, whether it’s doing a show or just getting in shape, don’t hesitate to talk to the GH&F staff today! GREAT job Brennon!
Molly TestimonialMolly was struggling with weight loss and really wanted help so she set up a consultation with Justin. She started working with Justin in December of 2016 and in one month had GREAT results! She ended up losing a total of 18 inches over 9 different areas, Lost 14 lbs of fat, gained 3 lbs of lean mass, and lost a total of 5% in body fat! Molly works her butt off and the results show!! Great job Molly!
Daniel TestimonialDaniel, owner of Greeley Health & Fitness, decided to do a show this past June of 2016 where he kicked some serious butt! In only 8 weeks he completely changed his physique! He placed 1st in one class and 3rd and 4th in two other STACKED classes. His dedication and work ethic was on point and is exactly what we as a GH&F family are all about. We produce real results and are ready to help others reach their fitness goals!
Julie TestimonialJulie always struggled with weight and eating correctly so she decided to join the gym. On the bottom are her before pictures when she was at her heaviest. That was when she decided to hire our Personal Trainer Justin to get some help. Over the course of 6 months, being consistent with workouts and diet, Julie lost almost 40 lbs and dropped 20+ inches throughout her body!! All it takes is dedication and consistency and you can achieve anything! Great job Julie!!!
Testimonial FranciscoHere’s an awesome transformation of client Francisco! He joined the GH&F team at the very end of the year on 2015. Over the course of 5 months working with trainer Justin Rogers with training and nutrition, he was able to lose 30 lbs and dropped some serious body fat percentage going from around 18% down to about 8%. Transformations like this are always inspiring!
Great work and dedication Francisco!
Justin TestimonialJustin has had a passion for fitness for years, went to school and majored in Sport and Exercise Science in Exercise Physiology, and applies his knowledge as one of our lead personal trainers here at Greeley Health & Fitness. Over the last 3 years he has put on massive amounts of muscle while being able to lean out at the same time. He competed this last seaon taking home 3 1st place trophies along with a 4th place in another show. We practice what we preach here at GH&F and are ready to help make someone elses dream a reality!
Testimonial ScottScott has been a member at GH&F for years. He’s tried all sorts of different diet plans and nothing seemed to really work well. Back in December of 2016 Scott sat down with Justin for some nutrition and workout consultation. In 2 months Scott lost 6% body fat, 18lbs of fat, put on 8lbs of lean mass! He lost 7 inches just in his waist! Here at Greeley Health and Fitness we make custom meal plans for you as an individual. When sticking to a correct diet that fits your individual needs, along with great workouts, it makes all the difference!
The left picture is of Bruce in August 4th of 2016. He started out at 258 lbs. He finally had a self-realization that he had gotten out of shape. Being a retired military veteran, he wasn’t doing much and had let himself go. That same month he decided to join the GH&F Family and got a membership. He started losing weight on his own losing 43 lbs and then reached out for help on nutrition with Daniel. When he started the meal plan with GH&F he was 215lbs at 22% body fat. The picture on the right is a 6 month transformation where Bruce is now 205 lbs at 8.3% body fat. Since working with us he has lost 32lbs of fat and gained 23 lbs of muscle.